The Silent Revolution project

The Silent Revolution project aims at unlocking the potential of local ecological knowledge and informal institutions as powerful instruments towards agricultural productivity improvements and smallholder farmers' resilience in developing countries. The project approach is highly transdisciplinary, with the creation of an extensive dataset merging socio-economic, soil agronomic and seed genetic data at the household level.

P.I. Martina Occelli

Supervisors: Prof. Mario Enrico Pè, Prof. Alessandro Nuvolari

Collaborators: Alberto Mantino, Giorgio Ragaglini, Matteo Dell'Acqua

Institutions involved in the research: Institute of Economics and Institute of Life Sciences; Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

Country of study: Ethiopia

Field work: household data collection through field surveys, key respondents interviews and focus groups. Soil data collection and seed data collection at household level. Period: February - April 2019

Funding: BCFN!YES 2018 Award (20,000€)